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"Wicked fun! Always a blast rocking out with Jack and Jill!"

 Tanis Stasiuk - Family Day Weekend - Apex Mountain Resort. Hedley, B.C. - February 16, 2019. 


"Mandy Cole you are everything ❤️🙌. Such a fierce and powerful inspiration for my daughter. Rock on Jack and Jill".

Chelsea Stasiuk- Canada Day Celebrations-  Penticton, B.C.- July 1, 2018.


"These guys are the best! We hired Jack and Jill for our wedding out in Summerland and they truly rocked the place. From before the reception having Will help set everything up to the very end, these guys were professional and a total blast. The dance floor was packed the entire time, I'd highly highly recommend them to anyone wanting to have a good party. Well done Jack and Jill.l".

Rob Wilson- Groom-  Summerland, B.C.- June, 2018.

" You guys were and are amazing :) so thankful having you up there & you made Brewski beyond incredible! hugs .


Jen Farnholz- Brewski- Apex Mountain Resort-  Hedley, B.C.- February 17, 2018.

"Hi guys and gal. Went to the show last night. Godamn what a show. Will be watching for further shows. #bestbandinpenticton. Cheers. ps when I saw the Teles & the Marshalls I knew it was gonna be a gooder." 


Don Mcgregor- Barefoot Beach Resort- Penticton, B.C.- Sept 21, 2017

 "Thanks for an amazing show. What a great way to celebrate my birthday. You have an amazing voice Mandy. Can't wait for the next show."

Karen Cheung - B.C. Piont Noir- Aug 2017.

"It was good, then you picked up the guitar and blew my mind on Zombie..."

Rick Johnson- Uncork the Sun Festival- Oliver, B.C.- Aug 2017.

"Yes! We heard you from across a field !! Had to come watch, Unbelievable voice lady !!"


Tania Vassilakaki-150 Canada Day Music Festival- July 1st, 2017.

"You guys sound awesome! Loved the playlist!! Lots of toe-tapping all around me!"


Dawne Young- Sunshine Cabaret- July 30th, 2016.

" You guys were so stellar!!! Wow!!! Penticton is sure lucky to have you all rocking your talents and beauty for the community!

Aidan Mayes- Canada Day in Gyro Park- July 1st, 2016.

" YOU GUYS ARE BLOODY AMAZINNNNG! Wow! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts...we and our guests were BLOWN away! Everyone was on the dance floor from the minute you started playing until the end! And Mandy, you have a gift my dear xo Amazing! The dancing was top notch you lot, top notch."


Jennufer Tomalty- Bride of Linden Garden Wedding- June 12th, 2016.

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